increase in UK revenue


Significant increase in revenue and traffic

We delivered a holistic SEO strategy that helped the company improve their organic performance in the UK and US during a critical migration period.

Client background and goals

Lumity is an online anti-ageing supplement company, founded on the idea that health and beauty start from within. Starting with their flag ship morning and night anti-ageing supplement, Lumity have expanded into luxury natural skincare and a range of other supplements, available as subscriptions or one-time purchases.

Serps Invaders were brought on board to help improve their SEO strategy on an on-going basis, migrate their external journal (blog) onto the UK site and assist with creating an international strategy that would improve performance for both the UK and the US site.

Our key goals were:

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Improve their on-page SEO strategy
  • Improve the technical health of their Shopify platform
  • Maintain domain authority during the journal migration
  • Improve the international strategy and performance of both sites
  • Increase sales

How did we get results?

Our holistic SEO strategy for Lumity comprised of 3 key components:

  • Technical SEO
  • International SEO
  • Site migration

Technical SEO

We started by carrying out a full technical SEO audit that identified key improvements that could be made within the constraints of their Shopify platform, which laid the groundwork for the site to be better crawled and indexed by Google.

International Strategy

Once the technical groundwork was laid, we advised on an international SEO strategy so that both the UK and US sites were optimised to perform to their full potential in both markets. This included keyword research, mapping and on-page recommendations that improved the site’s rankings for branded and non-branded keywords.

As both sites were in English, we also advised and overseen a geotargeting strategy and implementation on both sites to ensure that neither were flagged for duplication, and that users in both markets arrived at the correct destination.

Site Migration

Once the site had been optimised, we then provided SEO assistance in migrating Lumity’s then external journal (blog) over to the main UK site to harness the authority and traffic of both sites in one centralised place.

Our migration strategy included a full risk assessment, technical guidelines and support, site architecture consultation, redirect mapping, pre- and post-launch testing as well as on-going monitoring and support. We also provided keyword research, mapping and on-page recommendations for the journal to further improve organic performance.


After our 6 month period of working together, we saw some great year-on-year results for both the UK and US sites, which the client was thrilled with.

Some of our favourite results included:


increase in UK revenue


increase in UK traffic


increase in US revenue


increase in US traffic