About us

If you’ve never heard of Serps Invaders, you might be keen to know a little bit more about us. We are an international digital marketing agency and were founded with a few simple aims in mind:

  • Build long lasting relationships with our clients
  • Deliver outstanding results through a team of global experts in SEO, PPC and content marketing
  • Create opportunities to take your brand global
  • Offer the security of native speaking consultants for global locations, with the support of English-speaking account managers
  • Give outstanding customer service
  • Never fear that we’re also working with your biggest competitor
  • We want to grow with you

We think these are some pretty solid foundations to build a business on and we hope you do too.

Our Background

You may be wondering how Serps Invaders came to be, and where our name actually comes from.
Our founder, Felicitas Betzl, first started Serps in 2010. After years of working across multiple areas of digital marketing, in various locations across the globe, she noticed a gap in the market to provide international digital marketing services to SMEs and agencies at cost effective prices, without skimping on the quality of work. It was with this realisation that the idea for our agency kicked off.

Now all we needed was a name. The fundamental aim of our services is to help our client appear on the search engine result pages, or SERPs for short – this gave us the first part of our name. The later part came from a childhood hobby. When she was younger, Feli had always loved the game Space Invaders. She thought it would be fun to have that included in our business name, as we are invading the SERPs for our clients – and that’s how Serps Invaders came to life.

Since then, we have gone on to work with large and small businesses and agencies across the globe. As a woman owned business, we’ve been proud to break down barriers and set new ways of working. We have a strong set of core values and strive to create an inclusive work environment, that both our employees and clients want to be a part of.

We’re always interested in giving back and encourage other businesses to do the same. That’s why, among other things, Felicitas is an ambassador for the Women’s Enterprise Scotland. We’re also striving to become a B-Corp business and in 2013 we became the first agency in Scotland to introduce the 4 day work week.

To find out more about us, why not read our values page? Want to be part of our team, whether on an employee or contractor basis, we always look to add talent to our team.

Achieving your goals

Here at Serps Invaders we don’t just work digital, we live digital and we’re deeply passionate about all things online. We are on a mission to continuously improve our internal processes in order to give you the best value possible you could expect from an international digital marketing agency.

This means that we are action oriented. Personal development is key here at Serps, and our staff get their own training time to develop and sharpen their skill base. This is on top of being a 4 day a week agency, meaning that we’re committed to offering you the most up to date, as well as cost and time effective ways of working to get your brand to reach your target audience.

Building to last

At Serps Invaders we see our clients as more than the people we work for: they’re the people we work with. Each client that comes on board at Serps Invaders is regarded as a partner, as we move forward together to create successful, innovative internet marketing campaigns that cross borders and change the way the world sees your business.

We are proud to be able to say that we will never offer our global expertise on any campaign with a partner’s competitors, whilst we are working with them. This has given us the opportunity to work with a diverse collection of partners from all walks of life, from fast paced e-commerce sites, to growing travel start-ups and green-minded charitable organisations, on a wide-ranging series of campaigns.

If you’re interested in in making us your international digital marketing partner, get in touch to chat a bit more about your requirements.

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