Why Your Business Needs a Telephone Number

by | Apr 10, 2014

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Mobile traffic is rapidly increasing, and sometime soon it will probably surpass desktop web traffic.

This means it is ever more important for us to tailor our approach to how our customers behave in this field.

In a recent Google research study, they discovered that over a 70% of mobile searchers used the “call button”. This demonstrates that, usually, people who search for a business with their mobile phone are willing to call that business by  phone. Over 40 million calls per month are directed from sponsored links – a big number! This study also demonstrated that the addition of a call button increases the overall search ad performance by 8%.

“Click to call” is one of the most used features on the mobile search engine results page – and most importantly, those calls are valuable. More than 61% of these calls are an important step on the shopping process. In fact, people taking part in the survey admitted that if the business they are looking for does not have a telephone number, they would probably try to find another option.

Think about that for a moment: if your business does not have a telephone number, potential customers might keep looking for an alternative.

Let’s explore the reasons for these great results on the click to call ads. We find that most of the people are usually looking for a quick and a real-time feedback, something that you can only get with a call. People often prefer to talk to a real person, rather than a machine, and calls provide that instant access over writing an email to a generic email address. In the graphic below, you can see some other reasons why people are using this option so much:

The results will depend on the type of business you have. To find out how positive this kind of advertising can be for your business, we advise you have a look at the full study performed by Google.

After that research, Google decided to give the calls the full and proper “conversion” status, and this information started appearing on the “conversion” column. Before this, they were appearing in a separate column called “Phone Call Conversions” . The great thing about this change is that now you can use the automated bidding tools like target CPA to optimise these campaigns.

So now that you know how good is it to have a telephone number in your ads… Why don’t you give it a try?

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