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by | Jul 30, 2015

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The Google Trends tool has been around for a while. It a very useful tool that provide more insights into popular and trending topics.  It had remained almost unchanged since 2012 and was recently given a new addition –real time insights and an upgraded home page.

The new real-time data

It’s a quite fascinating (but not necessarily useful) feature which shows what the world is searching for at this very moment, live.

The new feature is available here and it should keep you entertained for a while ?

The view is customisable – by navigating to the top left corner, a grid will appear and you can select a preferred view. The results can also be customised based on a region you are interested in.

As Google states, you can now explore minute-by-minute data behind more than 100 billion searches that happen on Google every month.

Minute-by-minute graph

Google trends offer valuable historical data. With a real-time addition you can now see how topics have been developing recently – over past hour, past 4 hours, past day etc.

Redesigned home-page with trending stories

The home page has been given a new shape as well with the most popular events or topics and trending stories available for each day and country.  Trends do not only use Google Search data anymore, but also take YouTube and Google News data into account.

Trending searches

Latest trending searches have a separate page in the menu. You can also see the most popular topics for the previous days.

Detailed local searches via Top Charts

If generic trends are not enough for you, have a look at the Top Charts section. Here you can find the most popular local searches based on specific categories

Recently we had a look at the most popular local searches for Germany, France, Ireland and the UK based on this data.

Evergreen features still rule

Google Trends has always been a great tool to look up trends in searches over  period of time. You can’t just see the stats for a single keyword, you can compare a couple of them and see which keywords or events have been more popular in a selected location. However, Trends used to have quite limited access to niche or local searches. This has improved and more specific and local data is now available at Google Trends.

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Yari Jutkova

Yari Jutkova

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