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by | Dec 18, 2014

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With about 4 billion mobile devices used worldwide, the mobile ad market is still increasing in importance. Although mobile has been a trend for several years already, too many websites have still not jumped on board with well-optimised landing pages and polished mobile friendly websites.

According to Forbes, “87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.” So it’s definitely time to make your mobile website shine in 2015, especially since Google introduced the mobile friendly tag.

Mobile calls as a conversion, their measuring, tracking and optimising will be a significant trend in 2015. This is going to be particularly useful for B2B businesses, where calls are still a highly important source of quality leads.

Video marketing

Videos are an essential part of any marketing strategy. With the changing online environment and decreasing attention span it is the best way of demonstrating your products and engaging with your potential customers. Focus on high-quality videos and polish your YouTube channel this Christmas. If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s time for a video campaign this year!

Personalised and dynamic ads

The popularity of personalized marketing will continue in 2015. According to research, users require personalised offers and frown upon generic ones. Consider personalised e-mail campaigns, dynamic remarketing and highly segmented display and remarketing campaigns. It’s going to pay off.

Improved website experience / conversion rate optimisation

Given tight marketing budgets, everyone loves to spend their marketing money efficiently, targeting high quality leads and engaging with the right customers.

Create several messages, different landing pages, various ad creatives and test, test, test. With the expected rise of the pay per click costs in 2015, it’s going to be inevitable. We assume it’s going to be a successful year for A/B testing tools, software companies and automation tools.

Quality content and creativity

Engaging with your customers via quality and creative content will be a new trend in paid advertising as well as in PR and SEO. Content is still king, even in PPC. Users will expect their brands to be creative, entertaining and engaging. In 2015, companies will need to come up with creative concepts taking into account cross-device usage and a smarter audience.

In 2015 you will probably hear a lot more about:

  • advanced dynamic retargeting
  • cross-device targeting
  • automated product ads
  • ROI optimisation basis
  • psychographic audience targeting and other alternative targeting
  • rise of Bing Ads
  • persona and people-based marketing
  • some predict that Google will phase out keyword targeting

Expect the unexpected

In paid search, we’re used to tons of new features and radical changes. It’s not going to be any different in 2015. Expect the unexpected; there will be big announcements and exciting changes coming up.

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Yari Jutkova

Yari Jutkova

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