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by | Nov 26, 2013

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We’ve all heard about the intern who comes to the office to make tea and coffee and only learns a few tricks of the trade if he or she is lucky.

Well, there are definitely none of these intern stereotypes at Serps Invaders. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

I have been so fortunate to learn from the team who have been very patient with my questions and very gentle in explaining what I saw as a foreign language up until a few months ago.

During my internship at Serps, I was working on tasks that feed directly into projects for clients from day one, learning the ins and outs of SEO while I went along. Knowing that my work counted for something that was part of the wider client brief made me feel valued and part of the team. After all, I could have been put in the corner filing invoices!

I’ve gone from having a vague idea of what SEO involved to gaining experience in copywriting, blogs, keyword research, link building, dealing with blog directories, and meta data input. I was able to play to my strengths as the team worked with me to bring forward tasks that best suited my abilities – which usually meant giving me more writing tasks than technical ones! I was grateful that I did not get lost in a world of jargon that I had only recently begun to understand, though I continued to learn about those aspects of the work, too.

The learning has been invaluable and has given me knowledge I can carry forward to apply to my own blog or any other website I might be involved in.

As cheesy as it may sound, it’s not just what I’ve learned but who I have learned from that has made my time at Serps so enjoyable. I have so much respect for Ben and Felicitas ­– not only because they have an amazing knowledge of all things digital and SEO (a knowledge I can only dream of) – but also because they have always had time for me when they are very busy and I am totally confused.

When I was at university I did my fair share of internships and I can honestly recommend any available opportunity to work at Serps as time well spent and an investment in a future career. You won’t be treated like the less worthy intern, which so many other offices can sometimes do. You’ll be treated like a proper employee which, in my opinion, is the best training you can get – you have to learn that you can’t be an intern forever – much as I would like to!

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