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by | Aug 7, 2013

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Traditionally, the gambling market was mainly occupied by men. They are considered “action” gamblers, and are supposed to be more likely to bet in social places, such as horse races, sports, and more recently in online poker groups. But for the last two decades, women are starting to assume an important role in the gambling world, especially in the online world.

Last year of the overall traffic that gambling sites received, 82% were men, and just 18% women. But that’s still changing and by the end of this year, it’s likely that the statistics will be much more favourable to women.

Something really curious about women and gambling is that they spend much more time per month on online gambling than men: Women spend an average of 9 hours per month on igaming platforms, while men just 6.5 hours. But in terms of how much money they bet, men are still more extravagant: they bet an average amount of £94, while women go with a bid of just £67. As a result of this big difference in betting stakes, we find that the average amount that women lost playing online is nearly a third less than men.

In terms of age, the average female gambler is younger that the average male although generally the age of both genders is around the 30’s which is typically the sweet spot for expendable income and spare cash to spend on game.

Regarding game preferences, we find that men usually prefer blackjack and baccarat, while women prefer roulette, slot machines and bingo.

Even if you are not an internet lover, you might have noticed that gambling is trying to reach more of the female market just by watching ads on television. In recent  months there have been millions of ads for recruiting women to gambling websites (especially bingo)

Even in other countries we can observe this tendency.

There are even special gambling sites created specifically for women like Wink Bingo or Foxy Bingo, who have even created their own perfume and a tanning lotion.

But why are women choosing to play more online gaming? Well, for a start there are the sociological factors; women are now responsible of their own money, there’s internet in almost all houses, and it’s an easy and “cheap” entertainment. In Golan Shaked’s words (The Foxy Bingo Group Director)

“Online Bingo makes for a very affordable means of entertainment with bingo tickets sold for as low as 1p. It’s a great alternative to the old-fashioned bingo halls and we have a variety of female players (85%) ranging from mid-20s to over 90”.

It’s also been discovered the women dealing with a difficult situation like a divorce or bereavement are more likely to enter in the world of online gambling.

Marketing and design also have a lot do to with it, because gambling websites are using really appealing messaging, with offers that double or ever triple the initial deposit, and using appealing designs intended to entice female customers.

The only problem that the increase of gambling players, is that is also increasing the number of people that becomes addicted to this sites. That’s why in the UK it is compulsory to include in all the ads a link to the Gamble Aware website, where you can find advice and help to avoid becoming a gambling addict.

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