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by | Jun 19, 2014

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A couple of months ago, Google announced on its official blog, that now the new Google Shopping campaigns were now available for everyone. These campaigns started appearing on Google AdWords last October, but it was just for a limited amount of users (it was a beta trial). This has now been rolled out for everyone to use.

The new Google Shopping campaigns are an “evolution” of the current product listing ads but with some new features. The main objective of these campaigns is to make the daily management of the campaign a little bit easier for users (if you have used Product Listing Ads campaigns before, you’ll be aware that there were areas that could be improved upon).

The main changes are:

Product feed administration: Now you can review all your products included in your feed directly from AdWords. It should be easier now to create ads, bids and to organise the products. You can know create product groups and manage them individually.

Competitor’s information: Now there’s more information about the competitors. You can use comparative data to obtain further information about your direct competitors. You are now able to check the performance of other advertisers and adjust your bids to become more competitive.

Custom labels: You can now use product labels when you want to subdivide the products in a specific campaign, using the values you choose. So for example you will be able to indicate which of the products are new, from last season, or reduced. These labels are quite flexible, which means that you would be able to add different values and parameters for all the products as you wish.

Inventory filters: Those filters would be replacing the product filters. You can use these new filters if you want to define or limit the amount of products appearing on your campaign.

Campaign priority: This tool is used for giving priority to certain campaigns when advertising the same products on them.

It would be recommended that if you have been using PLA campaigns until now, you should probably need to get ready to move onto using the new Shopping Campaigns.

Here are some tips to help you make the transition:

Update your data feed: You can use the attributes values to create product groups. You will be also able to check the campaign performance by using different product attributes.

Create custom labels (if you need them): You can create up to 4 custom labels. Each of the labels can only have one value per product.

It will be a good idea to review your current PLA account, consider the tips provided to you in this blog and then you will be ready to start promoting via the new Google Shopping campaigns. But if you don’t feel confident enough, give us a call and we will help you!

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