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by | Apr 3, 2013

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We get a lot of people asking us about our name’s significance… “Does it really mean something?” “Is that a name of someone?”, “Does it have something to do with Space Invaders?”  Today we are going to give the answers to all those questions.

Let’s start by answering the two last questions: No, it’s not a name. And yes, it might have something to do with Space Invaders (but it’s a secret).

The answer to the first question it’s a little bit longer, but here it goes: SERPs is the acronym of “Search Engine Result Pages”, that are all those webpages you can find in a search engine (like Google, Bing…) when you type in a keyword query.

There are two types of SERPs:

Organic: Those results are shown depending on the quality of the webpage, the relevance of the keyword query within the texts of the webpage, the relevance of the content… All this is measured and decided by search engines, but you can apply some methods (that are called “Search Engine Optimisation” or short: SEO) to improve you web page authority and reach better results.

Paid: As its name says, it’s basically paying for reaching a better position. You can do this through the search engines themselves that offer an advertising platform (the most popular one is Google Adwords). It’s a great way to appear on the results pages because you pay just for the keywords you are interested in. This enables you to reach only users that are interested in your products or services.

At Serps Invaders we are specialists of both type of Results, and we help people to improve their webpages results, or what it’s the same, we help you to “invade” the search engine result pages with your website and other online channels. And that’s why we are SERPs Invaders.

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