Digital Marketing in the Netherlands

Our whitepaper on digital marketing in the Netherlands takes a look at everything you need to consider before deciding to expand your business into the country. This includes data on the population, internet penetration rate and social media usage plus, insights on why the Dutch market could be a profitable opportunity for your business.

We’ll also discuss what a typical user in the Netherlands is like and the kinds of content that prove to be popular, which can help to form the foundations of your content strategy.

The key areas that we will cover when thinking about creating a Dutch marketing strategy are:

  • Country overview
  • Reasons to consider marketing in the Netherlands
  • Internet user breakdown
  • A typical Dutch user
  • Popular types of content
  • Social media usage
  • Key marketing dates

Download our whitepaper on digital marketing in the Netherlands to find out more about your first or next international opportunity. Or get in touch with us today!

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