Digital Marketing in France

Expanding your business and your digital marketing efforts into France can be a great move for many businesses, especially in the UK, thanks to its size and proximity.

If you’re considering marketing in French, why not check out our whitepaper on the topic. It’s full of great insights and data including population statistics, search engine usage, economic statistics, and a profile of a typical French internet user. All of this useful information can then help you and your business created a targeted and effective marketing strategy!

The full breakdown of our guide includes:

  • Country overview
  • Why you should consider marketing in France
  • Internet user breakdown
  • A typical French user
  • Popular types of content
  • Social media usage
  • Key marketing dates


Download our whitepaper now to explore everything you need to know about digital marketing in France or discover how we can help you with your international marketing efforts!

Photo: Rafael K. Streit

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