Digital Marketing in Denmark

With a central location between Scandinavian, Northern European and Baltic markets, marketing in Denmark can be a great opportunity for internationalisation. But in order to be successful it’s important to understand the Danish digital landscape to create effective content and Danish SEO strategies.

Our whitepaper on digital marketing in Denmark covers the essential topics that you need to know about if you’re thinking about expanding the reach of your business. From social media usage to the top search engines, our key data and insights will help you start to formulate an effective online strategy.

The key themes we cover are:

  • An overview of Denmark
  • Reasons you should consider marketing in Denmark
  • Internet user breakdown
  • Danish user profile
  • Popular types of content
  • Social media usage
  • Key Danish calendar dates


Download and read our guide on digital marketing in Denmark today and discover opportunities to grow your business. Or explore how we can help you to create an international marketing strategy.

Photo: Nick Karvounis

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