Digital Marketing in Croatia

As one of the wealthiest countries in the Balkans with one of the most developed economies in Southeast Europe, Croatia can be a great target for your international marketing strategy. In addition to this, their location on the crossroads between Central and Southeastern European countries means it also provides great opportunities for further international expansion.  

Out of its population of around 4 million, 83% are internet users which means that Croatia is a great target for an internet marketing strategy. In order to create an effective digital strategy, it’s important that you and your business understand the specific online landscape and characteristics particular to the country. In our whitepaper, we’ve included everything that you need to know for Croatian SEO such as key facts and statistics on the search engine market share, device usage, typical user characteristics and more.

The key areas covered are: 

  • Croatia introduction
  • Reasons to consider marketing in Croatia
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Breakdown of internet usage
  • Typical Croatian user characteristics
  • Popular forms of content
  • Social media use
  • Key marketing dates


Discover more about digital marketing in Croatia now and download our whitepaper. Or get in touch with us to talk more about internationalisation opportunities for your organisation.

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