Digital Marketing in Belgium

Described as the capital of Europe, Belgium is home to many important headquarters of businesses and organisations including the EU and NATO. But Belgium can also provide a great landscape for digital marketing, whether you’re looking to internationalise for the first time, or want to add another country to your list that you do business in.

Our whitepaper on digital marketing in the Belgium covers everything you need to consider if you’re interested in expanding into this European country. It includes statistics and key data on population breakdowns, search engine usage and popular social media platforms, plus helpful insights for when you’re creating SEO and PPC strategies.

The key areas that are covered in the whitepaper are:

  • An overview of the country
  • Languages spoken in Belgium
  • Reasons to consider marketing in Belgium
  • Internet user breakdown
  • What a typical Belgian user looks like
  • Popular forms of content
  • Social media usage
  • Marketing dates in Belgium to put in your calendar


Take a look at our whitepaper on digital marketing in Belgium today to discover what opportunities there are for your business. Or get in touch with us for more advice on creating an international marketing strategy.

Photo: Thomas Somme

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