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by | Jul 13, 2011

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So you’ve done your research, you have a healthy amount of keywords; you’ve broken them down into your individual Ad-groups now come the creative part, the Ad itself. There are many views and opinions on what makes the perfect Ad, but in this post I hope to sort out the strong from the weak and focus on the factors that really make a great Ad.

First thing to do is become familiar with the layout of your Ad, which is as follows:

  • Headline
  • Description 1
  • Description 2
  • Display URL
  • Destination URL (hidden)

Within these fields you have a very small amount of characters to try and sell your product to potential customers.

Let us first look at the headline, when coming up with a headline for your Ad you should be trying to create something that is both relevant and interesting. As an unwritten rule, use your keywords in the headline. Unless you are a huge recognisable brand such as Coke or Sony, using your company name as you headline will just be a waste of words. Be clever, and remember interesting, relevant headlines win every time.

For your main text copy you want to aim to be informative and persuasive.  When a user sees your Ad you literally have milliseconds to capture their attention, intrigue and persuade them enough to make them click on that Ad.
Utilise as much tricks as possible such as the following:

Below are the results of a test that Mindvalley Labs carried out, notice the positive difference in CTR and CR that simply adding 3 dots had to this Ad!

Comparison of good and bad Adwords ads

Again the image below, taken from Mindvalley Labs, shows the positive effects that a simple change in pluralisation of a word can have on your Ad.

Comparison of winning and losing Adwords ads

By using the word “Change” rather than “Changes” the winning Ad insinuates an amazing change in your state of mind, the losing Ad creates the impression that YOU the user must actively work to change your state of mind.

Be aware of powerful keywords such as “secret” ,“you need to” and “free” these are words that are proven to  encourage CTR. For example “Top Adwords Secrets” or  “ Download Free Advice Right Now”.

Use call to action phrases, these will pull people towards clicking on your add, “Buy Today….” “Download now….”.

Use capitalisation throughout your Ad, except for words such as “and”, “to” “in” or word with 2 letters such as “up”, doing this can boost CTR by up to 80%. Do not repeat words, this can have a negative effect on your CTR and CR.

Finally think like a Google Searcher, think what would make you click and Ad, what intrigues you. Keep trying and testing new Ad formulas to see what works best for your campaign. Search and view results, look at other Ads, look at competitor Ads see what approach they are taking and try to better them.

There are many ways to make your Ad stand out from the crowd but hopefully the tips in this article will set you on your way to becoming and Adwords wizard. If you have anymore questions about paid advertising or would like some help, why not get in touch with us today!

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Feli Betzl

Feli Betzl

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