Website Migration SEO Checklist

While a website migration can be great for your branding and business strategy, if you don’t plan or implement is correctly it can have a serious negative impact on your SEO, so having a dedicated website migration SEO checklist can really help with the process.

At Serps Invaders we have worked on numerous site migrations and understand that migrating properly can be a lengthy process and involve multiple different teams, which is why it is important to follow an SEO site migration strategy. Following a strategy is one of the best ways to avoid any long-term negative effects of migrating while also improving your overall SEO strategy.

In our website migration checklist, we clearly outline the three main phases involved in a project: pre-launch, launch day and post-launch, and the tasks that fall into each one. So, you systematically work through and see what has and has not been completed.

Simplify your site migration by downloading our helpful checklist below!

Photo: Luca Bravo

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