Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social media has changed the world as we know it: for the first time in history everyone has a voice, an audience and a stage at their disposal 24/7. It has helped shape the modern world, becoming as indispensable to most of us as electricity.

Social media is more than just a place to chat with friends – it’s a powerful business tool that can drive sales, net new customers, generate search engine authority, and elevate your brand awareness overnight.

However, although anyone can set up social media profiles, very few know how to harness their power successfully. That’s where we come in.

Reach the right people

We recognise social media has changed things: what people are saying about you is more important than ever, and if you’re not there to lead the conversation, then your business is missing out on influencing a new audience’s opinion about your company. We can help you take control of your online community, whether you’re new to social media or need to maximise the effectiveness of your existing strategy, producing both measurable and immeasurable successes for your business.

Serps Invaders will create an innovative, creative and effective strategy for your business’s presence on those social networks that actually matter to you, your brand and your audience.

Phone a friend

Social media isn’t just chatting to your brand’s followers – engagement alone is fantastic for building customer loyalty, but social media can also be used to prop up a number of other online marketing strategies. Its growing authority has given it the power to influence your search engine rankings, double your business overnight, and make or break a content strategy. In short, social media is the ultimate, must-have accessory to any online marketing campaign.

Advertising on social networks

Social networks can be used as effective advertising and promotional platforms, which tie into your social media and advertising activities. Social advertising is a great way to develop an audience for your brand, connect with people, drive sales and improve customer loyalty.

Social advertising campaigns allow for granular targeting, for example by demographic, interest and geography. No matter if your audience is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, whether they’re interests lie in video games or gardening, we will help you leverage your advertising potential on social platforms, and get your message in front of the right person.

Our social media services include:

  • Channel review & optimisation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Social media advertising
  • Facebook shops
  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Multilingual social media management

Taking your goals into account, we create tailored, actionable social media strategies, giving you the tools to drive your social media campaigns forward with the benefit of access to on-tap expertise. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail?

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