E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is dead? Think again. Research shows that good old-fashioned e-mail is still key in the digital marketing mix. In fact, in this ever-shifting landscape, e-mails are often more effective than social media for attracting customers.

So what makes e-mail marketing effective? E-mail is permission-based. The people on your e-mail list have given you the go-ahead to send them messages. This makes e-mail part of the communication cycle, and not an intrusion to the recipient.

Grab their attention

At Serps Invaders, we focus our e-mail marketing on your customers and not just on the campaign. From hand-coding HTML to e-mail delivery to post-campaign analysis, Serps can create strategic e-mail campaigns to help you build strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

Serps Invaders can provide:

  • Strategic development and campaign scheduling
  • A carefully constructed content strategy
  • Engaging copywriting, written in your brand voice and tailored to your target audience
  • E-mail template designs and production by our talented in-house design team
  • E-mail delivery management, distributing your content to targeted database lists
  • A testing plan
  • Regular reporting and analysis of the campaigns

Services are provided on a modular basis to create a bespoke plan that combines the services that suit your company best.

Let’s get started

We are here to help with all or any part of your e-mail activities. If you’re looking for specialists to work on your e-mail marketing strategy, e-mail design, content or take on your e-mail marketing operations – get in touch.

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