Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is all about knowledge. Want to know which of your visitors are converting into buyers? And keep them coming back? Using analytics and user feedback, we can help you identify your most effective conversion paths and cornerstones, and drastically improve your website’s performance. In short, CRO lets you find your most valuable customers and create an online experience that is perfectly tailored to them.

Turn your website visitors into customers

If you are paying for traffic to your site (via PPC or social media advertising, for example), a high conversion rate means a better return on that investment. CRO is a cost-effective way of converting a higher percentage of the visitors you already have, rather than attracting more visitors who may never buy. In addition to improving your ROI, optimisation helps to defend against the limited attention span of your average visitor, by giving them what they want before they tire of looking for it and move on.

Research & analysis

At Serps, we start the process of CRO by becoming the customer. During our research phase, we take the time to understand your product or service and the current opportunities to buy. We conduct online surveys with current and prospective consumers, carry out usability tests and compile all the data into one meaningful source.

Plan & prioritise

In this phase we design and build a test strategy and CRO plan based on a series of priorities. For example, which points came up time and time again during our research? What are the website’s biggest issues and how should they be prioritised? All data from these tests are measured and used to form the next part of the CRO path.

Measuring efforts & calling winners

The winning version of a site is the one with consistently better metrics — it’s as simple as that. Conversion rates are king but we never lose sight of other metrics that play part in gaining the conversion.

Regardless of the outcome of your initial round of testing, you should think of conversion rate optimisation not as an end goal, but as an ongoing process, improving your site bit by bit.

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