Affiliate Marketing

Increasing the revenue your website generates and enhancing the visibility of your products and services are priorities for every business. Affiliate marketing is all about developing a set of strategic online partners who promote your website for you in exchange for commission. Affiliate marketing is based on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model, meaning you only ever pay for conversions. You get great visibility, control over commissions and access to a new distribution outlet via the network.

This offers a cost-effective marketing solution, but it can be daunting handing over control of your brand’s representation online.

Approval is key

Our proactive approach to affiliate marketing management ensures that only responsible affiliates are approved, safeguarding your reputation. Serps Invaders’ affiliate marketing services create measurable, cost-effective programmes that deliver a real return on investment. Whether you need to build a successful campaign from scratch or are looking to develop an existing programme, we can help you. We provide an honest service which delivers positive brand exposure, affiliate engagement and strategic insights to meet your targeted objectives and KPI’s.

Full service provision

From the outset you will receive a suite of services to fully manage your campaign. Affiliate marketing management usually includes an initial campaign set up (if required), which is then followed by a comprehensive monthly management plan.

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